Make Sure Your Bike Helmet Fits!

What is your favorite thing about bicycling? The other day I was riding alongside my six year old son. Out of the blue he says “Bikes are better than cars: ONE – they don’t put off smoke, TWO – you get exercise, and THREE – you get to be outside!”
We are right in the middle of Boise Bike Week AND May is National Bike Month! In honor of these two bike celebrations, we are promoting one component of bike safety — helmets.

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Your Smart Phone Could Be Rapidly Aging Your Spine

Chances are you probably haven’t given much thought to how your neck and back are faring in the era of the smart phone, but studies show that you most certainly should. It’s practically a reflex these days to pull out our smart phones when we’re standing in line, sitting at the airport or using public transportation. And while it’s great that we rarely need to venture beyond our pockets for entertainment, our bodies are beginning to retaliate—and mourn the pre-texting days.

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Happy Holidays 2017

This holiday season in lieu of traditional cards, we are making a donation in your honor to Artisans For Hope, a non-profit that helps refugees learn skills and connects them to the Boise community. The newcomers they help are primarily families, women and children who have been scarred by violence and loss of their homes. […]

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