How to Access Telehealth Physical Therapy During COVID-19

During this unusual moment in time, we are collectively tasked with slowing the spread of COVID-19. This equates to physically distancing ourselves from others. But it doesn’t mean disconnecting from one another. One way we can connect at a distance, is through telehealth physical therapy.

The word telerehab can be used interchangeably with telehealth physical therapy. Find out what you can get out of a telerehab visit. But ultimately, read our step-by-step guide on how to access telehealth physical therapy during COVID-19.

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How Long Do Injuries Take to Heal?

Commonly, when we treat patients with injuries, we get asked this question: “How long will this take to heal?” In this article, we first discuss the healing phases that tissues go through after an injury. Next, we reveal ways for you to optimize healing. Finally, discover how long it takes injuries like yours to heal.

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Winter Hacks to Keep You Exercising Outside

Winter presents some huge barriers to exercising outside. But, it’s so worth the effort because nature provides the best mood enhancers with no negative side effects. Safety is the biggest concern this time of year. Falls can result in major injuries, and frostbite and hypothermia can both cause lasting damage. Fortunately there are both high-tech and low-tech ways to help you enjoy a safe and exhilarating workout outdoors. Ready to get out there? Here are our best winter hacks to keep you exercising outside.

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Happy Holidays 2019

Happy Holidays to you! As we look back on 2019, we have so much to be thankful for. One of the highlights of this year was celebrating 10 years in business. When we think of the Thrive community that’s developed over this past decade, we’re humbled and amazed. It is a true honor to work with such talented employees, engaged patients, and dedicated referral sources.

We wish you a healthy, active and adventurous holiday season and beyond. Cheers to making 2020 the best year yet!

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The Hip: Labral Tears

Let’s talk about labral tears. Of the hip variety. Hip pain can come in many forms with many causes. This is because the hip joint has a huge range of motion with several layers of muscles performing a variety of actions. It can get pretty complex figuring out how or where your pain started. We’ll […]

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Summer Hacks to Keep You Exercising Outside

There are so many benefits to exercising outside. But summertime presents unique challenges. In Boise, Idaho, the main deterrents are excruciating heat, dryness, and smoke from wild fires. It’s easy to give up and just stay inside. Read on for 7 easy hacks to help you get some workouts in the great outdoors during the heat of the summer.

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Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Thrive Physical Therapy opened it’s doors on July 6, 2009. We’re so excited to be celebrating 10 years in business. This milestone is possible because our employees worked hard, our patients and referral sources trusted and supported us and our friends and family cheered us on from the sidelines this past decade. Thank you so much!
In this post: our historical timeline, fun facts, an anniversary give-away, save-the-date for our 10 year anniversary party and upcoming Facebook page changes!

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Benefits of Hiking the Boise Foothills

If you’ve spent any time around me or the other ladies at Thrive, you’ve probably discussed a hiking trail or two with us.  In our opinion, hiking and any exercise you do outdoors is superior to exercising indoors. But it isn’t just our opinion, research supports exercising outside to benefit health and well-being. Going on a walk or hike in our gorgeous local Boise foothills provides many benefits. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your loved ones and decompress, it also improves overall wellness.

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