Can You Sit or Stand For An Hour?

Most of us read this question and think, “of course!”. But, can you do it without slouching or experiencing pain? Contemplate it for a moment, or even better, give it a try. If you think or know the answer is no, we encourage you to read on.

Physical therapists are big fans of movement to decrease pain. And we commonly modify activities to help minimize your experience of pain.  However, the ability to hold certain positions is necessary to work, drive and otherwise function in our modern world.  Being able to hold a typical posture like sitting or standing for an hour without pain or slouching is an indicator of your physical endurance and function. 

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Practice Mindfulness With Exercise

Mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises. Many of these ideas have been hot topics to help with mental health. Interestingly, many of the interventions we use as physical therapists involve practicing mindfulness with exercise and movement. For example, learning to be conscious of how you are moving and breathing, or working to change your posture. 

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How to Make Exercise a Habit

How are you doing with making a habit of doing your physical therapy exercises, or committing to a fitness routine? If you’re ready to make exercise part of your routine, skip the resolutions and go straight to taking steps to create an exercise habit. Committing to exercise is worthwhile because it’s a great way to decrease pain, reverse or avoid sedentary diseases, and benefit your mental health. Read on to learn practical steps that will get you into the habit of exercising consistently.

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Happy Holidays 2021

The 2021 holiday season feels extra happy this year because, as a team, we have lived through a whirlwind of projects, an expansion, the ongoing pandemic and the hiring and training of three wonderful additions to our team. Despite all this, we’ve all remained healthy, grounded and in good humor. We hope you enjoy reading Thrive Physical Therapy’s year in review.

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Skiers, Is Your Body Ready for Ski Season?

Ski season is upon us, and those first few dustings of snow in the mountains are a signal that it’s time to get your body ready for skiing. We’ve put together some exercise guidelines to set you up for an invigorating, fun and injury-free ski season. Incorporate these concepts and start your ski season in the best shape yet. 

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Rest and Recovery

Recovery can seem like a bad word. Like you’ve done something terrible to yourself that you must atone for.  In terms of exercise, recovery is absolutely necessary in order to progress.  Recovery is the yin to exercise’s yang.  Rest is a crucial part of muscle building and to make changes in soft tissue quality.  This is not to say “rest” is laying on your couch for a year, but we do encourage you to plan rest and recovery into your fitness routine. 

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Avoid Overtraining Injuries

Here in Boise, outdoor exercise can be limited in the summer by high heat and poor air quality.  And in winter, the darkness, mud and cold can slow us down. When the weather is finally nice out, it can be tempting to increase your exercise to “make up” for lost time.  However, this can lead to overuse. We want you to avoid overtraining injuries in the first place. Read on for some tips to avoid injury, and if you’ve already injured yourself, get into physical therapy so you can get back on track.

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Introducing Els Brady PT, MOMT

We’re so excited to introduce you to Els Brady PT, MOMT. Starting Monday, August 2, 2021, she will be treating patients Monday through Friday, with late afternoon availability three days a week.

While new to Thrive Physical Therapy, she’s a skilled and seasoned practitioner. Els is originally from Belgium where she received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1989. Later, she completed a two year Orthopedic Residency Program through the Ola Grimsby Institute, where she received her Masters in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 1997.

Work History

After living in Anchorage, AK for 31 years, she and her husband moved to Idaho in 2020. In Alaska, she initially practiced in acute care, frostbite care, rehabilitation and long-term care. But for most of her career, she treated patients in outpatient orthopedic settings. In her most recent position, she was a clinic manager and partner while also treating a full caseload of patients.

Els has a variety of orthopedic experience and uses an integrated systems approach. Specifically, she has treated many recreational athletes, post surgical patients, spine patients, knee rehabilitation, gait & running analysis, posture and body mechanics education, aging clients, osteoporosis care, a variety of neurological conditions, and patients with movement impairment syndromes. She has a passion for expanding her treatment toolbox and enjoys working closely with her colleagues. 

Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Physical Therapist in Alaska and Idaho
  • Certified Mulligan Practitioner
  • Certified Facial Distortion Techniques Practitioner
  • Discover Physio Series Graduate
  • CPR Certified

Personal Interests

Outside the clinic, Els enjoys alpine, skate, cross-country and backcountry skiing. She also enjoys biking, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, traveling, reading and cooking. Her native language is Dutch and she is fluent in English and French. She is enjoying Idaho’s beautiful weather and wonderful community. She and her husband are our neighbors, right here in the North End.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Els, and for our patients and team to benefit from her experience.

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Why You Need Cold Exposure

Back in physical therapy school, one day I walked into hydrotherapy lab to find a huge dunk tank filled with icy water. We were encouraged to sit in this tank for 1-3 minutes. The exact rationale for having us do this has faded in my memory over time. But, what I clearly remember is how exhilarated I felt after getting out of that tank. My whole body felt tingly, invigorated and alive. Now, science is helping to explain why I felt so amazing that day. Cold exposure plays a role in maintaining healthy metabolism, boosting mental well-being and keeping the body’s systems in check.

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Patient Portal: How to Pay Your Bill

Normally, we collect patient payments at the time of service. But occasionally, patients will owe a balance on their account. The patient portal provides a secure and convenient way to pay your bill. Please follow the simple steps below to pay your bill if you receive an email notification that you have a balance due on your account.

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