pilates, yoga and barre studios boise

Pilates, Barre and Yoga Studios in Boise & Garden City

We often recommend that our patients do mind-body practices like Pilates, barre and yoga. For the sake of brevity and comradery, we’re highlighting independent & locally owned Pilates, barre and yoga studios in Boise & Garden City. Since you’re more likely to stick to an exercise habit if you go to a studio or gym close to home, we’re organizing this list for you by zip code.

We’ve personally tried many of these, and for those we haven’t tried, we’ve heard good reviews about them from our community.

83702 – PILATES

Thrive Pilates Boise

Thrive Pilates is our sister business! They have a beautiful studio in downtown Boise featuring the full Pilates apparatus. Additionally they have core align and suspension trainers. They offer private, semi-private and group classes. Pilates is their specialty, but you’ll find lots of creative and nourishing ways to move here.

Forte Pilates boise

Forte Pilates is located in Hyde Park in Boise’s North End neighborhood. This is Boise’s classical Pilates studio. The owner brought Pilates to Boise for the first time over two decades ago! If you’re a Pilates purist or looking to master the most challenging Pilates maneuvers, this is a top choice.

CoreStrong is centrally located near the connector, downtown and The Bench. Their workouts are based on the Lagree method, which is a high intensity, low impact workout on a machine called the MegaFormer.

83702 – BARRE

28th street barre boise

28th Street Barre is a fun, high vibe studio located between the North End and Sunset neighborhoods in Boise. They offer a variety of group classes. Most classes are choreographed with great dance music. Here you can find barre, HIIT, yoga, Pound and much more.

83702 – YOGA

Hollywood market yoga boise

Hollywood Market Yoga is located in the North End in the old Hollywood Market building on 9th street. It is best known for it’s challenging hot yoga classes, but they also offer room temperature yoga. They also offer meditation and yoga for kids.

Yoga tree of Boise

Yoga Tree of Boise is our neighbor! They are conveniently located between the North End and Highlands neighborhoods on Hill road. They offer a range of yoga classes and workshops in a sweet, comfortable space nestled under a bluff.

True North yoga Boise

True North Yoga is located in the Historic North End Neighborhood. They offer hot, warm and non-heated yoga as well as meditation and cold plunge. Additionally, they offer retreats and workshops to deepen your well-being.

83706 & 83702 – YOGA

Studio lotus yoga

Studio Lotus Yoga has a two locations with another opening in April 2024. One location is between the North End and downtown near the YMCA and the other is in Bown Crossing. They offer a variety of hot, warm and room temperature yoga classes, sauna and cold plunge.

83714 – YOGA

Ananda Yoga Garden City

Ananda Yoga Space is an exciting new yoga space that opened March 1, 2024. Their vision is to provide a space for people to breathe, move, connect and experience joy. This is possibly the largest yoga studio in town, with the capacity to hold up to 80 people!


Studio Move Dance Yoga Barre Garden City

Studio Move is a full service dance studio for adults and youth. They also offer yoga and barre classes. They have locations on Glenwood & State and in Hidden Springs.

If your favorite independent exercise studio in Boise or Garden City isn’t listed – tell us about it and we’ll probably include it!

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