Ancient Wisdom to Decrease Inflammation

Our modern lifestyle is very different than how ancient humans, and even recent ancestors lived. The constant abundance that we now have is increasing chronic inflammation in our bodies. Chronic inflammation leads to a whole host of problems. All of which are the most common diseases of our time, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, auto-immune disease and many more. The good news is that we can reverse inflammation by tapping into the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

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Why You Need Cold Exposure

Back in physical therapy school, one day I walked into hydrotherapy lab to find a huge dunk tank filled with icy water. We were encouraged to sit in this tank for 1-3 minutes. The exact rationale for having us do this has faded in my memory over time. But, what I clearly remember is how exhilarated I felt after getting out of that tank. My whole body felt tingly, invigorated and alive. Now, science is helping to explain why I felt so amazing that day. Cold exposure plays a role in maintaining healthy metabolism, boosting mental well-being and keeping the body’s systems in check.

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Happy Holidays 2020

Wishing you and yours a happy, cozy and safe holiday. This year has been unexpectedly challenging. But, one huge gift that has been presented is more time spent with Mother Nature. Without the great outdoors, we would have lost so many more things. Social connections, our fitness and health, livelihoods and our sanity, all would have suffered even more without being able to spend time outside.

Access to nature and spending time outdoors is one value that the whole team at Thrive Physical Therapy shares. Because of this, it’s a common topic that we write about on this blog. We hope that beyond 2020, you continue to tap into this free, healing source.

Those of us that are lucky enough to be alive during this dark time, are about to experience an intense, renewed, deep appreciation for life. Can you feel it? Soon, we’ll have the privilege of resuming the pleasures of gathering, hugging, high-fiving, attending performances and much more.

We wish you good health, deep appreciation, and unbridled joy in 2021 and beyond!

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Camping Warm-ups and Stretches

Ah, the great outdoors. A chance to connect to nature, eat outside, and sleep under the stars. There are lot of creative ways to keep moving and exercising while camping when away from your usual environment. We’ll teach you some camping warm-ups and stretches you can do before and after hiking, biking and carrying out your chores. We want your body to feel great on your next camping adventure!

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Winter Hacks to Keep You Exercising Outside

Winter presents some huge barriers to exercising outside. But, it’s so worth the effort because nature provides the best mood enhancers with no negative side effects. Safety is the biggest concern this time of year. Falls can result in major injuries, and frostbite and hypothermia can both cause lasting damage. Fortunately there are both high-tech and low-tech ways to help you enjoy a safe and exhilarating workout outdoors. Ready to get out there? Here are our best winter hacks to keep you exercising outside.

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Summer Hacks to Keep You Exercising Outside

There are so many benefits to exercising outside. But summertime presents unique challenges. In Boise, Idaho, the main deterrents are excruciating heat, dryness, and smoke from wild fires. It’s easy to give up and just stay inside. Read on for 7 easy hacks to help you get some workouts in the great outdoors during the heat of the summer.

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Benefits of Hiking the Boise Foothills

If you’ve spent any time around me or the other ladies at Thrive, you’ve probably discussed a hiking trail or two with us.  In our opinion, hiking and any exercise you do outdoors is superior to exercising indoors. But it isn’t just our opinion, research supports exercising outside to benefit health and well-being. Going on a walk or hike in our gorgeous local Boise foothills provides many benefits. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your loved ones and decompress, it also improves overall wellness.

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Camping: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Often getting a good night’s sleep outside of our cozy beds can be difficult and sometimes painful.  The good and bad news is there are many options for sleeping pads and mattresses. Each person’s spine and body are different and finding the right fit for ergonomics and convenience can be a challenge. Learn ideal spine alignment while sleeping and some of the options for camping pads and pillows.

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