Play without Pain

Can You Play Without Pain?

It’s common to think of physical therapy when you’ve had an injury or surgery. But, did you know that physical therapists can help you with pain that limits your recreational and leisure activities? You should most definitely be able to play without pain!

Even adults need play. Playing with your kids, recreating, crafting, playing card games, playing an instrument, dancing and participating in sports – all of these lead to a richer life.

Pain during play isn’t normal

don't suffer with pain while playing

Pain may be an indication that a tissue in the body is injured. If you have injured tissues, it’s important to understand how long it should take to heal and to be doing the correct treatment for it. Normally, a combination of manual therapy, exercises, and a home exercise program is all you need. Additionally, you may need to decrease inflammation if you have injured tissues.

If you develop a new pain that is sharp or intense and is the result of a fall or twisting incident, see your physician or physical therapist.

If pain and your ability to play continues (even if mild), schedule an appointment with your physical therapist. They will evaluate the injury and get you back to playing pain-free again. A physical therapist can also screen to reduce risk of injuries and improve your performance.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

~ Michael Jordan

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