The Story Behind our New Logo

After nearly thirteen years in business and an expansion last year, the time was ripe to refresh our logo. We’re excited to introduce this new logo to you! The expansion changed our floorplan and color scheme, but simultaneous to the physical changes came energetic shifts within our team and culture. Because of this, it’s time to share our story with you. We also want to take this opportunity to communicate our values and how they are represented by the new logo.


Start-up (2009-2011)

first logo
Our very first logo – shared with Pilates at Thrive, LLC (aka Thrive Pilates)

Back in 2009 when we opened, did you know that we had two businesses under one roof? Together, we named this Thrive Physical Therapy and Pilates. The two business owners, Jessica Gradhandt, owner of Pilates at Thrive, LLC (aka Thrive Pilates) and our owner, Jody Thatcher PT, started out with a common mission and business plan. Since we were sharing the space and a vision for how our businesses would compliment each other, we co-created the logo, signs, website, and Facebook page.

Growth (2011 – 2018)

second logo
We created a logo just for Thrive Physical Therapy while maintaining the same look as Thrive Pilates.

In 2011, Thrive Pilates moved into the adjacent suite. We then fully occupied our suite and added another treatment room. The clinic was still small, but it felt great to be able to offer more appointment times and bring on another physical therapist. During this period of time, Jody and Jessica realized that both businesses were growing, and wanted to make their legal business structure more transparent to their patients and clients. One way they did this was by creating different (but still similar) logos.

Preparing for an expansion & new websites (2019-2020)

black version of logo
The black version of our previous logo was used for our newly launched website in Fall, 2019.

In 2019, the two business owners realized that the spaces they each occupied weren’t going to be large enough for each of their thriving businesses to continue to grow. After many building tours, it became clear that it was going to be challenging to find a suitable building that both businesses could happily move to. At this time they launched separate websites and social media pages.

When the new website debuted, we were already planning to expand. There were visions of a new color scheme for our future space. To match this future vision, the black version of our logo was used on the new website.

Expansion and New Logo (2021-2022)

our new logo!
Introducing our new logo!

In 2021 we completed the expansion into the adjacent suite. This allowed us to hire additional team members. All of these changes made it obvious that our previous logo was no longer adequately representing us. Next we’ll share the deeper meaning behind the leaf, and the font and color choices.

The Leaf

The original logo had a leaf as the dot in the letter “i” in Thrive. Back then, the intent of this leaf was to convey that we offer a more holistic approach and that we are committed to environmental sustainability. The truth is, we’re located in the heart of Boise’s North End neighborhood, so naturally we are tree-hugging hippies at heart.

The new leaf in our logo significantly expands on that original intent. This leaf is tropical and represents the entire letter “I” in Thrive. A tropical leaf was chosen because we attempt to embody the Aloha Spirit. It isn’t possible to define what this means in one sentence. We strongly encourage you to read this beautiful description of what it means to live with Aloha Spirit. In a nutshell, the Aloha Spirit is a wonderful way to prioritize one of our core values, which is connection. So, instead of focusing on oneself (“I”), our clinic culture emphasizes the greater good for our patients and our team, over the individual.

Another one of our core values represented by the more prominent leaf in the new logo is vitality. We absolutely love to get our patients moving their bodies, and back to action and adventure. We want you to live your most vital, radiant, and healthy life. This new leaf has an uplifting and fluid quality to convey the feeling of vitality.

The Colors


We chose a true green color for the new leaf for several reasons. First, as a representation of our love for Mother Nature and spending time in the great outdoors. The pandemic pushed so many activities outdoors, and we felt this was a positive shift. This is because Mother Nature is the ultimate healer. As physical therapists, we are just here to assist by getting human’s bodies moving better.

Next, the color green represents health, wealth and well-being. And finally, green is the color associated with the heart chakra. As physical therapists we use our hands to treat our patients. Did you know that the arms and hands are an extension of the heart chakra? When we use our hands to treat you, we are directing our heart’s energy to you!


Engagement is another one of our core values. In order to keep you engaged, we wanted a logo that was easy to read. The color black also represents permanence and stability. Most small businesses don’t make it past 5-10 years in business. The black color conveys that we have withstood the test of time. From start-up challenges, expansions, and a pandemic to inevitable constant healthcare industry changes. Yet, we continue to steadfastly be here to serve you and our community.

The Font


Last but not least, quality is our final core value that we wanted the logo to represent. We chose a font that looks like calligraphy done by hand with a brush. High quality happens when one attunes to the task at hand and gives it their full present attention. So producing quality work is intentional, like meditation or making art.

Another way that we foster quality is by subscribing to the Japanese concept of Kaizen which means continuous improvement culture. Each day we work to improve our systems, processes and treatment approaches in small ways that have a big impact over time.

Additionally, the hand drawn look of both the font and the line under Thrive depict that, just like a brush stroke, no two people are alike. This carries over into our treatment approach with you. We craft a customized and personalized treatment plan that is only for you.

“Design is thinking made visual.”

~ Saul Bass

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