Happy Holidays 2021

The 2021 holiday season feels extra happy this year because, as a team, we have lived through a whirlwind of projects, an expansion, the ongoing pandemic and the hiring and training of three wonderful additions to our team. Despite all this, we’ve all remained healthy, grounded and in good humor. We hope you enjoy reading Thrive Physical Therapy’s year in review.

January 2021

In early January, we learned that we were the third group in line to receive the COVID vaccine. So, with a combination of excitement and trepidation, we got our first doses.

Also in January, we finalized the new floor plan and permits for the upcoming expansion into the adjacent suite. Additionally, we began to fine-tune our lease agreement for the upcoming expansion into Suite B.

Our January blog post highlighted how patients can easily access their home exercise program.

February 2021

The new lease, which includes Suites B and C, started on February 1. By the end of February, construction began in Suite B while we kept seeing patients in Suite C.

During this month, we began the search for an Office Manager. In anticipation of a new employee, we integrated our new employee onboarding with our payroll system so now the whole process is online.

All of us received our second dose of the COVID vaccine.

Our February blog post was a summary of a continuing education course that Jody Thatcher PT, MPT took in January about the Endocannabinoid System.

March 2021

Cinnamon Priest’s first day was March 1, 2021. She started out as Front Desk Coordinator so that she could learn the ins and outs of the front desk prior to managing others in this role. Cinnamon brings a combination of whimsy, dedication, organization and great customer service to Thrive.

Cinnamon Priest, Office Manager

Construction continued in Suite B and we began to see the structure take shape.

The March blog post was all about balance!

April 2021

This month, in anticipation of having more space in the near future, we began the search for a fabulous new physical therapist.

With Suite B almost finished, it felt like the home stretch leading up to moving into Suite B went so slowly!

The April blog post was targeted to anyone who has a blank wall they can use for exercise.

May 2021

In May, we moved all of the operations over to the recently renovated Suite B, while construction began in Suite C.

Ali Lubbers PT, DPT began to mentor her physical therapy student from the University of Montana.

We continued to interview physical therapist candidates this month.

The May blog post showed patients how to view their medical records on the patient portal.

June 2021

June was a busy month!

Construction in Suite C was taking shape and finishing up.

We got a new phone system, which was quite overdue. This system allows multiple lines, text messaging, voicemail to email and the option to answer on a mobile phone if the internet goes down.

Cinnamon was promoted to Office Manager and we began the search for a new part-time Front Desk Coordinator.

We made a job offer to Els Brady PT, MOMT and she accepted!! Els completed her orientation in June, though she had a trip to Europe previously planned for the summer. We worked to get the expansion finished up while she was gone so that she could start seeing patients when she returned.

The June blog post showed patients how to pay their bill on the patient portal.

July 2021

We finally got to fully expand into both suites B and C this month!

Feeling celebratory, we bid farewell to Ali’s student and celebrated Thrive Physical Therapy’s 12 year anniversary in a combined party.

Later in the month, we had a fun gathering at Kim Kutzner PT, DPT’s house for fish tacos.

Gathering at Kim’s house

The July blog post encouraged everyone to give cold exposure a try for improved wellness and health.

August 2021

We welcomed Els Brady PT, MOMT to the practice and she began seeing patients on August 2, 2021.

Later in the month our new treatment tables arrived and new treatment curtains were installed. Those were the final items on the expansion to-do list.

The whole reason we expanded was to offer more appointment times for our patients, and this month it finally came to be.

September 2021

We mailed postcards to patients and healthcare providers to announce the expansion and the addition of Els Brady PT, MOMT to the team.

After a difficult time finding the right fit for the part-time Front Desk Coordinator, we hired Anna Doyle. She is a great dynamic team player with an infectious laugh. She began working with us on September 20, 2021.

With the weather and air quality finally improving, we started to see some overtraining injuries. So, our September blog post was all about avoiding overtraining injuries.

October 2021

October is physical therapy month and we celebrated by entering a scarecrow in the Idaho Botanical Garden’s Scarecrow stroll. “Injured Ingrid” debuted with a nasty ski injury this year. Don’t worry, we’ll get her back on the slopes and stronger than ever in no time.

Ali Lubbers PT, DPT celebrated her “gold-star” 5 year anniversary with Thrive this month!

Anyone who came to therapy on Thursday, October 28, received complimentary super-power additions to their session when we celebrated Superhero Halloween.

The October blog post talked about making sure to rest and recover as part of your fitness routine.

November 2021

This month we added a HIPAA compliant Appointment Request button to our website. Our goal is to make it easier for patients to request appointments during our off-hours and without having to make a phone call.

Our office manager arranged to have a Toys for Tots drop off box in our reception area. It still isn’t too late to donate a toy!

For our third consecutive year, we decided to #OptOutside on Black Friday when the clinic was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The November blog post was geared towards getting skiers fit and ready for ski season.

December 2021

I don’t know about you, but after reflecting back on this year I’m personally ready for a long winter’s nap!

Since you’ve taken the time to read to the bottom of this lengthy post, your reward is that you get to see the Christmas card photo-session bloopers.

“It’s not about presents but it is about your presence. Therein lies the spirit of the holiday season.”

~ Julieanne O’Connor

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