Patient Portal: View Records

The patient portal gives you a secure and HIPAA compliant way to view your records related to physical therapy. In this article, we show you where to find your treatment and non-treatment forms on the patient portal. Common records that you’ll find include: intake forms that you fill out and attachments that we expose to you. Forms that we routinely expose are your financial form that you sign at your first visit, and a PDF of your home exercise program.

NOTE: If you prefer videos of your home exercise program and want them on your mobile device, the patient portal isn’t the best place to interface with your exercises. Please read: Easily Access Your Home Exercise Program for all the details about how to engage with your exercise program in the most user-friendly way.

Finally, if there are other records that you wish to be able to view in your patient portal, please ask.

How to view your records on the patient portal

1. Login to the Patient Portal

login to the patient portal

2. Click the Records tab or icon

Records tab or icon on the patient portal

3. Non-treatment records will show first

Click Download to view or save to your computer. Now, if you want to look at treatment records, click Back to Categories.

3. Click Back to Categories to get to Treatment Records

4. Select Download to view or save your Treatment records

It’s as simple as that to view your records on the patient portal!