Patient Portal: View Upcoming Appointments

Has this ever happened to you? It’s the weekend or outside business hours and you think you have an appointment coming up, but you can’t remember when it is. You could leave a voicemail message or send an email. However, with the patient portal there’s a better way! In three easy steps, learn the quickest way to view your upcoming appointments.

Side benefit: no human error. The appointments listed are electronically pulled straight from the schedule.

How to view upcoming appointments on the patient portal

1. Login to the Patient Portal

Login to the patient portal. If you haven’t accessed the patient portal before, you need to follow these steps first.

2. Click the Appointments tab

Next, click on the Appointments tab or icon.

3. View your next visit, or a list of upcoming appointments

Your next visit will show up at the top like this:

View upcoming visits on the patient portal

If you want to see all upcoming appointments, click on View appointment list. A PDF will download for you to print or cross reference. This PDF also shows which therapist you’re scheduled with.

Example of what the downloaded PDF appointment list looks like.

These days, anything that takes something off your to-do list has huge benefits. We hope you enjoy this convenient, time-saving feature of the Patient Portal.