celebrating 10 years in business

Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Thrive Physical Therapy opened it’s doors July 6, 2009. We’re so excited to be celebrating 10 years in business!

First and foremost, this milestone wouldn’t be happening without top notch employees who go the extra mile to put patients first every single day. Additionally, we celebrate this anniversary because of ongoing and increasing trust and support from our patients and referral sources. Finally, we are grateful to our community made up of friends, family and acquaintances. You give us the boost we need during the challenging times. Thank you so much!

A Brief History of Thrive Physical Therapy

thrive pt timeline
Timeline of significant events.

Fun Facts

Over the past 10 years:

  • We’ve served over 1800 unique patients
  • Provided over 26,000 visits
  • Employed or contracted with 18 employees

Save the Date

We’re planning a super fun 10 year anniversary party together with Thrive Pilates. Please join us for great conversation, music, food and drinks.


Stay Tuned for Details

Anniversary Gift Give-Away

Jody Thatcher wearing anniversary hat
10-year anniversary hat!

Below is a list of people we’re giving a free anniversary gift to. We’ll be in touch if you’re one of the special people listed below!

  • Numero Uno: first patient ever
  • Frequent Flyer: patient who’s attended the most visits
  • Fiercest Friend: patient who’s referred the most friends or family
  • Injury Inclined: patient who’s had the most number of cases
  • Perceptive Provider: healthcare provider who’s referred the most patients
  • Employees: Current and past employees of Thrive Physical Therapy (if you’re a past employee, come get your hat!)

There’ll be a limited number of these anniversary hats available for purchase in the clinic.

Facebook Page Changes

Did you know that Thrive Physical Therapy and Thrive Pilates have always been two separate businesses? We are sister organizations that started out sharing bunk beds in the same room, so to speak. As we’ve gotten older, both businesses have outgrown sharing rooms. As a result, we’ve separated into two Facebook pages. Don’t worry, our sister bond is stronger than ever, we’re just ready to take up more virtual space!

If you’ve liked our shared page, you’re already following Thrive Pilates. Now that Thrive Physical Therapy has a new page, please take a moment to click this link to “Like” or “Follow” our page. We keep it fun and informative.  Thrive Physical Therapy Facebook Page

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